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COVID-19 Guidelines for the 2021 ACLD Foundation Golf Outing

Please check back for updates as these guidelines change

  • Capacity and testing guidelines: We are able to host up to 200 people outdoors. Please note, no testing required at this time.  If you have been vaccinated, please bring your vaccine card in case.
  • Contact Tracing: Information would need to be collected from each guest prior to admission to the event. All guests must comply to be able to enter and participate in the event.  Information collected upon registration is: full name, date of birth, address, email and phone number.  This information is kept secured by ACLD and destroyed after the time limit set by the local and State officials.
  • Masks: All guests must wear masks unless eating or drinking and must observe social distancing guidelines.
  • Venue: This will be held entirely outdoors. All food/drink service, silent auction, presentation/program and dining will be outside.  Guests will be permitted to enter the building is to use the restrooms.  Locker rooms will be closed except for use of the rest room.
  • Foursomes: The maximum number of foursomes allowed is 30/31 (120/124 golfers)
  • Start and Type of Play: We will have a “Shotgun” start and play by “Scramble” rules.
  • Registration: To keep contact to a minimum golfers and guest cars will drive up to the circle in front of the clubhouse and remain in their car to check-in, receive their gift bag then self-park car.
  • Valet Parking: There is no valet service at this time.
  • Food: All food and drinks will be served directly to the guests by the servers from the serving stations and bar.  Waitstaff will take drink orders and bring to guests at their table.
  • Seating: There will be assigned seating for guests, with a maximum of ten people to a table.  Please note, guest need to remain seated at the table when eating or drinking in order to remove their masks.  When not eating or drinking masks must be worn.

For inquiries, please contact Heather Angstreich at (516) 822-0028 Ext. 178 or at angstreichh@acld.org