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Open Doors, Endless Opportunities

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Our door is always open; it’s a phrase we’ve all heard on TV, in movies or even in our professional lives. It’s one of those clichés people say but don’t actually mean. For me, this phrase was echoed several times throughout my last week at ACLD- from my coworkers in Human Resources, by my director, the Chief Program officer and even the President/CEO of ACLD. Sure, we’ve all heard this phrase, but how many of us have gone back to see if the door had, in fact, remained open for us?


A Proud ACLD Employee Since 2003

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“I am proud to say I have worked for ACLD as an office clerk since 2003, thanks to The Vocational Program. I get to work with some pretty great people in the 857 building. I love my job and coworkers, and I look forward to doing what I love for many more years.”


Opportunities to Grow

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“Joining the ACLD team offers support and great opportunities to grow within the agency while knowing you make a big difference in someone else’s life. To me, that’s a win, win!”


The Man that’s Lived a Thousand Lives

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In the mid-1960s, Lila Blum, ACLD’s first Executive Director, heard of the work Singfield was doing in North Hills and invited him to be a part of ACLD’s Professional Advisor Board. This was Singfield’s gateway to his six-decade-long relationship with ACLD and his lifelong friendship with Blum. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Making a Positive Impact

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“If you enjoy helping and advocating for people, ACLD can help you make a positive impact in people’s lives.”