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Mission and History

The mission of ACLD is to support the pursuit of an enviable life for people with developmental disabilities. 

We will accomplish this by:

·         Assisting individuals to make meaningful choices, develop significant relationships and have productive, healthy and enjoyable lives

·         Communicating and partnering with families to ensure that the individuals we support are always the central focus

·         Providing an organizational culture which supports professional development and a commitment to the achievement of individual dreams

·         Creating collaborative and supportive relationships with community partners that promote inclusion and excellence


An enviable life is a universal aspiration that we all share whether we live with a disability or not. We all aspire to live with dignity and free from fear. We all need to have freedom and exercise choice in the small and large decisions of our daily lives. As human beings we need to be surrounded by loving people who keep us in their thoughts and in their hearts. We need to look forward with hope that we can accomplish the goals we set out to achieve.



ACLD began in 1957 when a group of families came together to advocate for services for their children with disabilities.  If you are interested in reading more of ACLD's history, please contact info@acld.org.


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An affiliate of

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