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Homes & Independent Living

Supervised Individual Residential Alternatives

Twenty-four hour supervised living opportunities are provided in 29 homes throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County.  Individuals are provided with patterns of daily living that enhance their growth and development. Residents are encouraged, trained and supported as they work, travel and interact within their communities. All activities and goals are designed to create an enviable life for each individual.

Supported Individual Residential Alternatives

This program provides independent apartment living to adults with disabilities. Residents share an apartment in the community and are provided partial staff support. This program provides residents with the necessary skill development so they may live, work and interact within their communities as independently as possible. The ultimate goal of this program, and for each individual, is to become completely independent of staff support. 

Community Habilitation/ISS Grant/Satellite

This program provides community habilitation services within an individual's private home or living arrangement. One of the main goals of this program is to increase an individual's daily living skills while supporting the family. This program encourages some individuals to strive to live independently in the community with minimal staff support.

Additionally, assistance is available to individuals who possess the skills necessary to live independently, but require minimal financial support. This is available through our ISS Grant program. These services are also available as "fee for service" for those who do not qualify financially.

For more infomation regarding this program, please contact Diane Abeles, Assistant Director of Residential Services at 516-336-5909 ext. 252 or by email

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