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ACLD is committed to enabling individuals with disabilities to live an enviable life.  Some have asked if we mean to suggest that having a disability is something to be envied. Certainly that is not the meaning of our mission. The meaning is a universal aspiration that we all share, whether we live with a disabling condition or not. We all aspire to live with dignity and free from fear. We all need to have freedom and exercise choice in the small and large decisions of our daily lives. As human beings we need to be surrounded by loving people who keep us in their thoughts and in their hearts. To face the challenges of life, we need to look forward with hope and optimism that, with diligent work and the help of others, we can accomplish the goals we set out to achieve. These are not aspirations that people with disabilities have that are somehow different from others who do not face their challenges. They are universal.

Government funding alone does not provide enough resources to truly see this happen.  We need your help!  You can truly make a difference in the life of an individual with a disability.  Your donation may:

  • Help a child speak their first words or take their first steps
  • Help an adult live in a home amongst their peers
  • Help an adult find a job and earn a well deserved paycheck
  • Help an individual access much needed specialized health care
  • Help a child or adult make friends and have meaningful relationships

Aren't these the things we want for ourselves and our own children?

Please help us to make this dream a reality for all people.

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