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Pre-School Education at Kramer learning center

Important First Steps in Finding the Right Place for a Child's Education

Choosing the right  pre-school is the first step in a lifetime of learning. Finding a program that offers quality educational services and provides a safe and nurturing environment can be difficult. The Kramer Learning Center is proud to make this a positive experience for families and children.

Founded in 1986, ACLD's Kramer Learning Center provides the highest quality of service by working with the family to meet the individual needs of children ages 3-5 years. Pre-school classes are designed to meet the individual needs of young children with and without disabilities. Quality educational services are provided by classroom teams that include a certified educator, a speech language pathologist, a certified teacher's assistant, a school psychologist, a school social worker, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist. A pediatric registered nurse is always on-site for routine health care and medical emergencies.

The Kramer Learning Center offers comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluations for  pre-school age children suspected of having a developmental delay. Our team of professionals assists and educates parents on developmental milestones and answers any questions parents may have. In addition, concerned parents can register for a complete developmental evaluation at their school district's Special Education office. Offered services are determined by an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is written by the school district's Committee on  pre-school Special Education (CPSE).  If children are determined to be eligible for special education services, these will be provided at no cost to the parent(s). Such funding is provided through county taxes and state funds. Any additional childcare costs will be paid for by the parent. Transportation is included in special education services. Parents who choose to transport their child(ren) may be reimbursed.

ACLD is a proud partner with the Great South Bay YMCA, Long Island Head Start, Universal Pre-K through Bay Shore and Deer Park Schools and offers bi-lingual education.  ACLD is also a pre-school evaluation site for children with special needs.

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