Apply for Services ACLD offers a wide variety of supports and services to children and adults with learning and other developmental disabilities, and their families.

Committed to Quality, Excellence, and Inclusion

Services start at 3 years old and continue throughout the life span. ACLD has a 66-year history of providing services that afford people with disabilities to live an enviable life. Our commitment to quality, excellence and inclusion is evident throughout all of our programs. Eligibility for each program may vary due to regulations and/or funding.

Day Services

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Residential Services

For information regarding Residential Services, please contact:
Vacancy Management and Intake Specialist
(516) 336-5909 Ext. 170

Children's Services

Kramer Learning Center

1428 5th Avenue
Bay Shore, New York 11706
Phone: (631) 665-1900 
Fax: (631) 665-1377

The Alan & Ellen Spiegel Children’s Center

67 Greenwood Road
Bay Shore, New York 11706
Phone: (631) 647-9577 
Fax: (631) 647-9585

Robin Stevens, Principal
(631) 665-1900 Ext. 312 or