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ACLD Residential Services

ACLD offers a variety of residential opportunities for men and women who are ready to take on a more independent role in a home of their own, with and without supervised support services.

Community Residences

The Supervised Individual Residential Alternative Program provides twenty-four hour supervised living opportunities in 42 homes throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Individuals are provided with structured daily living support that enhances their growth and development. Residents are encouraged, guided and supported as they work, travel and interace within their communities. All activities and goals are designed to create an enviable life for each individual. We currently support over 400 adults in our supervised settings.

Supportive Individualized Residential Alternative Program

The supportive individualized residential alternative program provides independent apartment living for adults. There are 37 apartments throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Individuals either share or live alone in an apartment in the community and are provided support staff based on their individual needs. Through this program residents gain the necessary skills to live, work and interact within their communities as independently as possible. The ultimate goal of this program, and for each individual, is to become completely independent of staff support. This program currently supports 67 people.

Community Habilitation Program

The Community Habilitation Program provides habilitation services within an individual’s private home. The number of hours provided by staff vary based on an individual’s needs. One of the main goals of this program is to increase an individual’s independence while also providing support to both the individual and their family. This program encourages individuals to strive to live independently in the community with minimal staff support.

ISS Grant

The ISS Grant provides financial assistance to individuals who possess the skills necessary to live independently but require minimal financial support to live on their own. The amount of financial assistance an individual receives is based upon a review of their income and their expenditures.

Satellite Program

The Satellite Program provides community habilitation services on a fee-for-service basis to those individuals who do not have Medicaid.


For more information regarding ACLD’s Residential Services, please contact ACLD’s Connect Team at (516) 336-5909 Extensions 171, 242, and 370.