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Long Island Elite Selects ACLD as Charity Partner

ACLD has been selected as Long Island Elite’s (LIE) 2018 Charity Partner of the year, bringing together two organizations to raise awareness and funds for a program that focuses on providing employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  LIE members, professional and business leaders across all sectors, will work together fundraising for ACLD with their main focus to support the RewearAble program. The year will culminate with LIE’s 16th Annual Charity Event.

“Long Island Elite’s focus on RewearAble is an enormous honor,” said Robert C. Goldsmith, Executive Director of ACLD. “On behalf of ACLD’s Board of Trustees and ACLD’s Foundation Board, I’d like to express our gratitude and our enthusiasm for ensuring that what we do today to provide enviable lives will continue for future generations.”

Founded in 2002, LIE’s mission is to cultivate the development, growth and leadership capabilities of young business professionals across Long Island. LIE is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for local not-for-profit organizations and other agencies that make a difference locally. Each year LIE chooses to partner with one not-for-profit organization and this year the expansion of ACLD’s RewearAble program will greatly benefit from their efforts.

RewearAble has seen success in its overseas distribution, marketing initiatives, and weekly collections since its inception in 2016. The next step is to further develop the program by expanding its current site from 2,200 square feet to an approximately 8,000 square foot building. The newly expanded RewearAble Processing and Training center will be established to fulfill the goal of creating much needed job opportunities for people of different abilities. The expansion of the RewearAble program will also give ACLD an opportunity to provide training to other Long Island agencies that support people with special needs.

“The RewearAble program is truly changing the lives of people with different abilities,” said Michael Stern, President of LIE.  “LIE is proud to be working together with ACLD to further pursue their worthy mission.”

LIE will hold The Greatest Giving on Earth event on Thursday, September 27, 2018. For information about the event, please visit www.liegives.org

For more information on RewearAble visit: www.rewearable.org and for LIE visit: www.longislandelite.com