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Join Our Team

Welcome to ACLD! Are you ready to embark on a journey? A journey designed only for those with the ability and desire to meet the daily challenges of helping people with developmental disabilities live and learn in society with dignity and independence; to assist them in becoming as independent as possible; to lead, as we’ve come to say, “Enviable lives.”

Whether first starting or continuing their career in Human Services, our employees have two things in common: an intangible quality and mix of extraordinary attributes. We are compassionate, dedicated, and have genuine concern for what may be the most vulnerable of populations.

This is a challenge ACLD first embraced in 1957. Our organization has made a significant impact in the lives of thousands. At its core is our shared commitment to the people we serve.

While not always an easy task, your work will allow you to reap rewards as you foster even the smallest of miracles. As you teach, you will learn; as you nurture, you will grow. You will experience an unparalleled sense of fulfillment. You will leave your “job” each day knowing your hard work has made a significant impact in someone else’s life.

What is it like to work at ACLD?

Check out our monthly employee newsletter, the Limelight to read stories about impacts being made in our programs, highlights of our incredible staff, events, milestones and other news from across our agency.

Click on any month below to get a glimpse of what was going on here at ACLD at that time!


January – 1/11/23
February – 2/15/23  
March – 3/13/23
April/MAY – 5/11/23


January – 1/14/22
February – 2/11/22
March – 3/11/22
April – 4/19/22
May – 5/13/22
June – 6/13/22
July – 7/13/22
August – 8/11/22
September – 9/16/22
October – 10/21/22
November – 11/16/22


January – 1/13/21
February – 2/10/21
March – 3/12/221
April – 4/14/21
May – 5/18/21
June – 6/12/21
July – 7/16/21
August – 8/15/21
September – 9/9/21
October – 10/18/21
November – 11/12/21