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ACLD is committed to promoting advocacy and empowerment throughout the agency. We understand this begins at the most foundational level with people we support taking an active role in their own person-centered planning process and spans the continuum where people supported and their families are active members of our governing body. At every level, people are supported to express their voices and get involved in all areas of the agency to help ACLD meet its goals and mission.

For self-advocates with an interest in disability rights and legislative activity, they can gain exposure to local, state and national advocacy issues through our lobbying activities and efforts. We encourage direct interaction and communication with our legislators and provide opportunities for travel to local and statewide events. From local issues such as cuts to public transit routes, to preserving Medicaid funding and advocating for direct care salary increases at the state level, self-advocates have taken leading roles in advocating for issues that are important to them.

Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL)

Accredited by The Council on Quality and LeadershipIn 2016, ACLD’s commitment to a person-centered approach to ensuring people with autism, learning and developmental disabilities can pursue enviable lives was brought to a new level as the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) awarded ACLD with a three-year National Accreditation. CQL is dedicated to raising the bar for organizations like ACLD in defining, measuring and improving the quality of life for all people. ACLD retained it’s accreditation in 2020, again demonstrating its ongoing commitment to person-centered-excellence.

For more information about our Self-Advocacy efforts and CQL initiatives at ACLD, please contact Sharon Geiselmann, Administrator Quality Enhancement at (516) 822-0028 Ext. 240.