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Bethpage Respite Center

Facing a large amount of people infected across half of our residences, we took the extraordinary step of creating a Respite Center here in Bethpage to help monitor the needs of those who were diagnosed with COVID-19 and who did not require hospitalization. This Center operated for a few weeks and helped to mitigate the spread across the homes.

All staff working with patients were in full personal protective equipment such as gowns, masks, goggles/face shields, gloves and strict protocols were created under the direction of our trained nursing staff. Take a peak into the Respite Center in the video below.

We thank all of our frontline staff that stepped up and worked in the Respite Center. They are all HEROES! They selflessly volunteered to take care of the needs of the residents who needed it most, while at the same time, still caring for their own families at home. We are beyond grateful for their commitment to our mission.

As we look to the future, we know that COVID-19 will continue to pose its’ challenges, but we remain committed to fulfilling our mission and we still stay ACLD Strong!