Message From The Executive Director

Robert C. Goldsmith

I am honored to have been selected as Executive Director for ACLD.  ACLD has a rich history and deep-rooted success in delivering high quality services including residential opportunities, day programs, and preschool education to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.  I am excited for the opportunity to continue the vision that was created over fifty years ago by a group of parents with the objective of improving the lives of their children.

As a former Associate Executive Director of AHRC Nassau, and Chief Operating Officer/Associate Executive Director of AHRC NYC Chapter, I am well versed in the intricacies of operating such an agency and as well as supports for individuals with special needs and their families. In addition, my background in the business arena has provided the expertise and experience to create resourceful, real world strategies that foster success.

We are experiencing an unprecedented decrease in essential funding sources, which directly impacts individual service recipients.  During these times, it is vital that we continually strive to evolve as an organization and be cognizant of all external factors.  With change comes new opportunities, and this is common within transitional periods in any organization, for-profit or not-for-profit.

We should remain poised to continually seek out, recognize and take advantage of emerging opportunities. ACLD’s long history of success and stellar reputation as one of the finest independent agencies of its kind provide legacy as well as direction. With the support of our dedicated staff, caring families, and volunteer leadership, we will pursue fulfillment of our mission to provide the opportunity for our individuals to achieve enviable lives.  

I look forward to working with you as we move forward together in this new and exciting chapter for ACLD.  

Robert C. Goldsmith
Executive Director    2014



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